Stories by Peter McGuthrie

Extreme Tesla Demand in China Continues, Stores Packed: Report

Tesla is already selling a ton of vehicles in China thanks to the recent completion of its Shanghai factory, but demand is increasing even more, though it’s unclear if supply will be able to deliver. A drop in prices along with new legislation from the Chinese government have both caused Tesla demand to explode in […]

First Look: 2022 GMC Hummer EV Prototype [VIDEOS]

General Motors (GM) recently unveiled its design for an all-new, 2022 Hummer electric vehicle (EV), the first of its kind from the company. The vehicle sold out almost immediately upon announcement, signifying major enthusiasm from fans of the classic vehicle. New videos shared on YouTube by The Kilowatts and Kelley Blue Book share first looks […]

Tesla Terafactory Texas Progress Update as of November 1 [4K VIDEO]

Tesla’s Terafactory in Austin, Texas is set to both produce vehicles and, in a few short years, to mine lithium with which the company will produce its own electric vehicle (EV) batteries. And progress towards these goals is already well-underway. In a new update posted by YouTube channel Jeff Roberts, 4K drone flyover footage shows […]

Honda Joins Tesla for Emissions Compliance in Europe

The world is just beginning to bridge the gap between conventional gas cars and zero-emission vehicles, and the change can’t come soon enough. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Honda would be joining Fiat Chrysler in pooling its fleet with Tesla, in order to meet compliance standards for Europe’s tough emissions requirements. The news comes just […]

Fisker Now Trading on NYSE, But No Products or Revenue Yet

We’ve already seen what happens to a company that tries to make progress in the market without a product – and that company isn’t doing too hot at the moment. In a new bid to become the world’s most “emotionally-desirable” and “eco-friendly” cars, California-based Fisker Inc. (FSR) went public on Friday, despite having no cars […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Plans Over 600 Onsite EV Charging Stations

Tesla has been building chargers all over the world for its customers, but now it’ll do the same at one of its many homebases. According to a recent filing for Giga Berlin, as retrieved by Teslarati, Tesla has plans to build over 600 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations onsite. The charging spots, which are set […]

Tesla Leads Global EV OEM Sales from Q1-Q3: Report

Zero and low-emission vehicles are beginning to pick up major steam – and their popularization couldn’t come soon enough, with the effects of the climate crisis beginning to take shape. Of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the electric vehicle (EV) world, Tesla is sitting on top with the most cars sold between Q1 and […]

Starlink Internet Speedtest Results Crush Viasat, Hughesnet

SpaceX’s Starlink internet beta service is rolling out to lucky folks at the cost of $99 per month, not including the $499 fees for the satellite dish and WiFi router. Now, we are starting to see the first Ookla Speedtest results for Starlink internet public beta according to PCMag and download speeds are showing as within […]

SpaceX Now Bidding on $20 Billion FCC Fund for Rural Internet

Starlink low-Earth orbit internet service is seeming closer and closer, and the bidding for an exciting potential contract could even further accelerate the implementation of its services through taxpayer money. Starlink parent company, SpaceX, stands to win a contract with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding money from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), as […]

Tesla to Open New Service Centers Every Week in 2021: Report

For those interested in zero-emission vehicles, now feels like the perfect time to be alive – but for customers with zero-emission vehicles, vehicle service is seriously lacking in comparison with gas cars, and Tesla is no stranger to the problem. Now, Tesla has stated internally that it would be getting ready to make a massive […]

Tesla Supercharger Opening in Hrútafjörður, Iceland

Image via The Tesla Model 3, and a number of other electric vehicles (EVs), are selling better than ever in Iceland, with the country helping to lead the charge into a zero-emission vehicle world alongside a number of other countries. Starting next week, Tesla will open new Supercharging locations for its customers in Iceland. […]