Tesla Launches Powerwall in Thailand


  • Tesla’s Powerwall is now available in Thailand.
  • Customers in Thailand can purchase Powerwalls through Solar D, a certified local installer.
  • Earlier this week, utility applications suggested that Tesla could launch a next-generation “Powerwall 3” sometime soon.

Tesla has officially launched its residential energy storage solution, Powerwall, in Thailand, according to Tesla enthusiast and Twitter user @Tslachan.

“You can now purchase Powerwall through Solar D, a local Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer,” says the Tesla website.

Powerwall allows you to:

  • Use stored energy day or night
  • Access blackout protection in the event of a power outage
  • Reduce your home’s reliance on the grid
  • Manage your electricity consumption through the Tesla app

Tesla was previously only selling the Powerwall in a bundle with solar products. However, that changed last month, and the battery storage system is now available standalone.

Powerwall’s entry into the Thai market comes as Tesla reportedly readies a next-generation model for launch. According to utility applications uncovered earlier this week, Tesla could unveil a new “Powerwall 3” sometime soon.

What’s more, Powerwall isn’t the first Tesla product to go on sale in Thailand — the electric vehicle (EV) and energy giant debuted its Model Y all-electric crossover in the country in February. As of March, the Tesla Model Y is Thailand’s third-best-selling EV.