Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Testing 4-Wheel Steering in the Wild [VIDEO]

Photo: The Kilowatts

A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in the wild, appearing to test the electric truck’s steering around streets of Palo Alto, California, as captured and shared by none other than @The Kilowatts on Monday.

The Cybertruck can be seen making quick turns and unique steering maneuvers, including what looks like four-wheel turning at around the 0:02 mark, as one user in the thread pointed out.

You can also see the Cybertruck wobbling back and forth a few times, before it turns right into the Tesla Engineering Headquarters parking lot. It seemingly looks like the driver was trying to troll the Kilowatts following the truck.

It also appears that the Cybertruck includes the rear tonneau cover closed over the vehicle’s bed, which was also spotted in a recent street race featuring the new Tesla truck.

The news comes just a few weeks after the Tesla Cybertruck’s dimensions were revealed, showing that the truck is smaller than a Ford F-150 Raptor. As measured by Matthew Donegan-Ryan, the Cybertruck was a pre-production version, though it’s thought to be very similar to the company’s upcoming production versions.

The Tesla Cybertruck has gained a number of patents over the years, most recently including a 15-year patent on its unique hub cap designs and the ultra-hard steel used to build its exterior. A few years ago, Tesla also patented a solar tonneau cover for the Cybertruck, along with several other design elements along the way.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the video by saying, “perhaps better than Y in turning,” suggesting four-wheel steering is going to pretty good on the Cybertruck.