Watch: Cybertruck Tonneau Cover Closing, Street Race vs Semi [VIDEOS]

Cybertruck cover closing

Image: @adityasaielsh

A Tesla follower j.aditya (@adityasaielsh) shared some new pictures of videos today of the company’s latest Cybertruck production beta, identified by its latest triangular mirror design.

We also get another look at the rear tonneau cover closing on the Cybertruck. You can’t really see from the rear bed into the vehicle it seems:

The cover looks to have a different material versus a 2019 prototype that was seen closing, as per the video below:

YouTube video

J.aditya also managed to capture the Cybertruck “racing” the Tesla Semi, followed closely by a Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X. It looked like a scene out of an upcoming Tesla promo video. It doesn’t seem like both vehicles are going full throttle, but just enough to make it look interesting:

Tesla’s Cybertruck production beta was on full display yesterday at the company’s Investor Day at Gigafactory Texas, alongside Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver Model Y SUVs, showcasing the exclusive paint from Giga Berlin.