Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Production Beta Walk Around: March 2023 [VIDEO]

Cybertruck investor day

Image: Rob Maurer

Ahead of Tesla’s Investor Day set to kick off in about 2.5 hours, attendees have arrived at Giga Texas for the event.

On site are Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red Tesla Model Y vehicles parked out front, while inside we see the latest production beta Cybertruck.

Rob Maurer from the Tesla Podcast shared a full walk around of the Cybertruck, showing off its latest design with a huge wiper, triangle side mirrors, front cameras that look similar to hardware 4 cameras seen on new Model S and X vehicles, plus more. There’s also an updated steering wheel, center rear display, folding rear seats and also glimpses of the truck bed and electrical ports.

A sign says, “Cybertruck Pre-Production Beta” and mentions “full hard, cold-rolled stainless steel”. Another sign mentions, “utility of a full-size truck, performance of a sports car.”

Check out the 4K video below to see the Cybertruck walk around by Tesla Daily:

YouTube video