Tesla Cybertruck Dimensions Revealed: Smaller than F-150 Raptor [VIDEO]

Tesla and Cybertruck enthusiast @Matthew Donegan-Ryan has charted the dimensions of a pre-production beta Cybertruck, as revealed by executives during a recent meet and greet at the automaker’s Investor Day.

Donegan-Ryan also points out that he expects Tesla to make changes to this design for the production version, since the company is rarely “pencils down,” and often makes changes leading up to production.

According to Donegan-Ryan and his subsequent video at the Tesla executive meet and greet, the pre-production Cybertruck with 35-inch tires has a wheelbase of 145 inches, an overall length of 231 inches, a width without mirrors of 84 inches and variable height due to the vehicle’s air suspension.

Additionally, the length of the Cybertruck’s bed is 73 inches, while the width and bed opening width are 49 and 57 inches, respectively.

There will also be no heads up display or gauge cluster, while the second row will have a screen as seen at the prototype at Investor Day.

Cybertruck will have air suspension as standard and the truck has been tested for Baja style terrain and racing, with Tesla staff saying they have tested it.

Donegan-Ryan also compares the Cybertruck’s specs to that of the F-150 Raptor SuperCrew, about an inch and a half longer than Tesla’s debut truck.

The pre-production Cybertruck is roughly 5% smaller than the original prototype from the unveiling event in 2019. Meanwhile, the front hood on Cybertruck opens like a Model X, says Donegan-Ryan.

He also says there will be two Cybertruck versions, one Dual Motor and another performance-type build. He believes Cybertruck will use a tri-motor setup like Plaid Model S and Model X, after talking to staff. He claims there will be no single motor Cybertruck offered.

All Cybertruck versions will have rear-wheel steering standard, allowing for crab-walk type steering. There will also be 5-seats for all Cybertruck versions. The display in Cybertruck will be 18.5-inches, the biggest ever (Model S/X have 17-inch displays).

Cybertruck doors will not be self-opening like the Model S and Model X.

Tesla will have an in-house team making Cybertruck 48v accessories, such as offroad lights, winches and more, creating themed products for offroading, camping and baja racing.

Also, the Cybertruck windshield light bar will make it to production and have amber wide-width lights, similar to Tesla Semi.

The CyberTruck wheels will be 18” wheels with various rim and tire packages, including the likes of Goodyear All-Terrain tires and street All-Season tires. The A/T tire size is 285/65/R18 or 35”x 11.25” R18, says Donegan-Ryan.

The black sideskirts on Cybertruck are plastic and 5 mph impact compliant, and not steel as seen in the prototype. When asked if owners could remove these to put in steel, Tesla told him “you won’t have to go aftermarket”.

The Cybertruck bed is estimated to be watertight, but Tesla staff would not confirm. It does have drain plugs and will float as Elon Musk has previously teased.

After the Twitter thread went live, Donegan-Ryan also shared a video from the event, which can be seen below.

YouTube video

The news comes just days after news surfaced that Tesla was approved for a patent for the Cybertruck’s wheel caps, and just weeks after it gained another patent for the “ultra-hard” steel used to make the truck — which Elon Musk even called a “new metal” in recent weeks.