Tesla V4 Supercharger Cable Lengths Measure Nearly 10 Feet

Tesla v4 cable length

Tesla recently launched its first V4 Supercharger station, located in the Netherlands in Harderwijk.

The company revealed at its Investor Day that its V4 Superchargers would include longer charging cables, likely to accommodate non-Tesla vehicles that can charge at select stations.

We now know the approximate length of these longer V4 Supercharger cables, at 290 centimetres, according to measurements made by @fritsvanens. That’s about 3 meters or 9.8 feet, nearly 10 feet in length. We also see a picture above of the new V4 Supercharger cable’s length.

These V4 Superchargers come with a new design and have the same charging speeds as V3 Superchargers (for now).

The V4 Supercharger with 16 stalls in Harderwijk is only open to Tesla vehicles, but that is expected to change soon.