Tesla 4th-Gen Supercharger Posts Being Installed in Europe with Longer Cables

magic dock hero

Tesla today revealed it has started installing its 4th-generation Supercharger posts in Europe.

The news was announced at its Investor Day and was made by Rebecca Tinucci, Head of Global Charging Infrastructure at Tesla.

After reiterating the Magic Dock debuting at 10 U.S. Superchargers yesterday, Tinucci detailed the company’s next-generation Superchargers.

“We’re also just started installing our 4th generation supercharger posts, those are being installed in Europe first,” she said.

“While it’s not a big thing to mention, they do have longer charging cables so we can more easily reach charge ports of different vehicles,” added Tinucci.

Regular Superchargers have relatively short cables to reach the rear driver-side charging port on Tesla vehicles. But other EVs have their charge ports all over the place, either at the front or middle side. Longer cables will allow Superchargers to charge these vehicles.

Tesla revealed there was 9TWh of charging provided in 2022 and there were 1.5 million weekly Supercharging sessions, along with an incredible 99.9% uptime.

There are now over 40,000 Superchargers in 46 countries that are located near amenities & optimized for high-speed charging on road trips, said the company, noting it has the world’s largest global fast-charging network.