Watch: First Rivian, Ford, Chevy, Genesis, KIA EVs at Tesla Superchargers [VIDEOS]

On Tuesday afternoon Tesla opened up selected Superchargers in the U.S. to non-Tesla vehicles for the first time, allowing other electric vehicles to use their chargers.

Select Superchargers retrofitted with a Magic Dock allows non-Tesla EVs to charge with CCS, and now we’re already seeing early adopters try out their vehicles at Superchargers.

David Conner (@OutofSpecDave) showed off his Genesis GV60 charging at the Tesla Supercharger in Brewster, New York. He was able to charge at up to 97kW after a slow ramp-up, with his battery at a 74% state of charge:

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley showed a Ford F-150 Lightning owner charging his electric truck at the Scott’s Valley Supercharger in California. The whole process is very easy:

Tesla Raj shared some pictures of a Chevy Bolt, Rivian and Ford F-150 Lightning also juicing up at Superchargers:

Below we see Anthony H charging both his Rivian and Kia EV6 at a Tesla Supercharger in Parish, New York:

Have you tried out the Magic Dock at Tesla Supercharger yet for your non-Tesla EV?