First Tesla ‘Magic Dock’ Superchargers Installed in the U.S.

Magic dock first NYC

Image credit: @MayTheFunkoBWY

Tesla and the White House recently announced it would be opening up its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles, for the very first time, at select locations. The move was part of a planned expansion of EV charging options along major highways being pushed by the Biden administration.

Now, we’re seeing what looks to be the first ‘Magic Dock’ Supercharger being installed in the U.S., located in Verona, New York. Images were shared by @MayTheFunkoBWY (via @MarcoRPTesla) showing a Supercharger with the Magic Dock installed in the top corner.

According to @MayTheFunkoBWY, it appears all 12 Superchargers are being retrofitted with the Magic Dock adapter. A picture of a crew on site was shared, showing them working on the modification.

Image credit: @MayTheFunkoBWY

The Verona Supercharger is located at the Turning Stone Resort Casino on 5218 Patrick Road, and has 12 Superchargers open 24/7 able to charge at up to 250kW. It’s conveniently located off Interstate 90 and was installed six months ago.

The Magic Dock allows non-Tesla vehicles with the CCS charging standard to use Superchargers. The Magic Dock means the Supercharging connector can be pulled out as an entire CCS adapter, or as a standalone Tesla connector, allowing both Tesla vehicles and other EVs to charge.

Tesla has already opened up its Supercharger network in select locations in Europe. Non-Tesla EV owners looking to use Superchargers need to download and install the Tesla app, then follow app instructions to get started, in order to unlock the Magic Dock for charging their non-Tesla, such as a Rivian, Ford EV and more.

Update: Tesla North has learned early development for Magic Dock will also be in upstate New York and Northern California. Expect more details soon.

Here’s what the Magic Dock looks like as shared by Owen Sparks: