Tesla Superchargers Now Open to All EVs in 15 European Countries

Photo: Tesla Charging

Tesla highlighted its accomplishment on Tuesday of opening Supercharger stations to non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) across 15 European countries, which it says is equal to about 50 percent of Supercharging stalls in all of Europe.

The announcement was made from the new @Tesla_Europe Twitter account.

Later in the thread, Tesla also noted that it completely enabled a route from Honningsvåg, Norway to Agadir, Morocco, along with opening the company’s first Superchargers on the island of Mallorca, Northern Ireland and Latvia.

The news comes just a day after Tesla launched the all-EVs Supercharger pilot in select parts of Australia.

It’s also unclear when Tesla plans to launch the non-Tesla EV Supercharging pilot in the U.S., though a memo from the White House last year suggested they would be coming before the end of 2022.

Tesla says on its website that it has reached over 40,000 Supercharger stalls worldwide, and the company is continually deploying more stations. Recently, new Tesla Supercharger station projects have popped up in London, England, Bangkok, Thailand and Gainesville, Florida in the U.S. — among many others still.

The pilot originally launched in November 2021, according to Tesla’s website, and it says the move is to help improve large-scale EV adoption.