Tesla Plans 30,000 Sq Ft Service Centre and 13 Superchargers in London, England

Tesla centre london

Image via @MarcoRPTesla

Tesla is planning a new 30,000 square-foot centre in London, England, shows new permits.

That’s according to Supercharger researcher @MarcoRPTesla on Sunday. “A new Tesla Centre is coming soon to London, England!!”, said Marco. “Permits have been filed for a 30,000 sqft building in the Ravenside Retail Park in Enfield. Additionally, the site plans show 13 Supercharger stalls as part of the development.”

Looking at a Google Maps satellite view of the site, we see there’s an existing warehouse where the proposed Tesla service centre location is.

tesla centre london england

As it stands, Tesla’s website lists 8 current service centers located in London, England.

During Christmas, some members of the Tesla Owners Club UK on Facebook were critical of Tesla’s Superchargers in the UK, citing long wait times due to a low number of chargers, specifically in Hertfordshire, Cumbria, Westmorland and Telford. Any time we hear about new Superchargers coming that’s always a good sign.