Tesla to Open U.S. Superchargers to All EVs in Select Locations

tesla supercharger hero

Tesla is planning to open “select Superchargers” to all electric vehicle (EV) brands in the U.S. soon, according to a post on the company’s charging account on Twitter and statements from the Biden administration made on Wednesday (via Automotive News).

The news comes as part of the administration’s $7.5 billion federal package setting out to electrify U.S. highways with charging stations.

Tesla said in the tweet that the U.S. Supercharger network would be “more than double by the end of 2024,” with the automaker planning to open 3,500 new and old Supercharger stations to rival EV companies. Additionally, the plans include 4,000 slower destination chargers at restaurants, hotels and other locations, which will also be open to non-Tesla EVs.

At a recent briefing, one White House official said that Tesla would be eligible for a subsidy, as Automotive News points out. The subsidy could help Tesla retrofit its current fleet of vehicles, the official said, so long as the company’s chargers would work with EVs that had the federally-backed CCS charging standard hardware.

The news comes after a White House memo last year suggested that Tesla’s Superchargers would be opening soon, and after the U.S. automaker opened Supercharging stations to rival EV brands in 15 European countries over the last several months.

At the time of writing, Tesla’s Supercharger map doesn’t show where the select charging sites open to all EVs will be in the U.S. However, users can choose the “Superchargers Open to Non-Tesla” filter and see where the pilot is currently running in Europe and Australia.