Tesla Opens First V4 Superchargers in the Netherlands

Photo: Tesla Charging

Tesla has opened its first V4 Supercharger stalls, now operational in the Netherlands, as posted by the automaker’s @Tesla Charging account on Twitter on Wednesday.

The post includes a photo of the site’s Supercharging stalls, located in Harderwijk, with a handful of Tesla vehicles parked in the lot.

The Supercharger posts appear different than the open-centered V3 stalls, and they offer longer charging cables.

At this time, the Tesla Charging account says that the V4 chargers are only open to Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs), adding that the company is still testing and evaluating the performance of the Superchargers.

Tesla says that all EVs will be welcome at the V4 site soon, along with new V4 chargers set to open across Europe.

The V4 Supercharger stalls also offer higher rates of peak charging, offering faster charging sessions for vehicles in the lot.

While Tesla already offers CCS charging attachments in the Netherlands for its V2 and V3 Superchargers, the company recently debuted its “Magic Dock” charging cables in the U.S., officially letting non-Tesla EVs charge at Supercharger stations.

Another V4 Supercharger station is expected to open in Dateland, Arizona sometime this quarter, according to Tesla’s online Supercharger map.