Watch: Tesla Cybertruck vs Curb at New Engineering HQ [VIDEO]

Photo: WhatsInside

In a video shared by @WhatsInside on Thursday, a Tesla Cybertruck prototype is seen attempting to jump the curb in front of the company’s newest global engineering headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Despite the Cybertruck’s clearance looking entirely large enough to hop the curb with no problems, the video shows a team grabbing wooden ramps so that it doesn’t have to.

The Cybertruck has been touted as having all-terrain capabilities (and even being able to float across streams of water), so many commenters pointed out that the prototype’s appraoch to the curb looked underwhelming at best.

Some suspected the Cybertruck prototype, meaning it was welded together with several small castings, rather than the production model which will feature a single Giga Cast.

Others believed the careful curb hopping may have been to protect the aesthetics of the curb, while others pointed to the Cybertruck likely having been detailed hours earlier for the special event.

The news comes just months ahead of the Cybertruck’s planned production this summer, and after a report showed that the vehicle will have Tesla’s newest Autopilot hardware, version 4.

Die-casting molds for the Cybertruck arrived to Giga Texas last month, and the factory has been receiving casting machine parts for the futuristic electric pickup for the past few months.

Yesterday, Tesla announced new global engineering headquarters in Palo Alto, California, located at Hewlett Packard’s former original headquarters. Elon Musk helped kick off a party in the evening, telling the audience the Cybertruck would be on hand for them to check out.