Watch: Tesla Engineering HQ Grand Opening Event with Elon Musk [VIDEO]

Tesla engineering HQ palo alto

Earlier on Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and California Governor Gavin Newsom jointly announced the automaker’s new global engineering headquarters, located in Palo Alto.

Tonight, Musk kicked off a grand opening party at the new global engineering headquarters, the original site owned by computer company Hewlett Packard.

“Welcome to the grand opening of Tesla engineering global headquarters,” said Musk to a boisterous crowd. “Definitely the wildest party I’ve seen in Palo Alto, next level!”, expressed the Tesla CEO.

Musk provided some updates, recapping how this was the 20th year since the creation of Tesla. He also noted there will be some Cybertruck preproduction units on hand for the crowd to check out.

Tesla now has 48,000 employees in California and is the biggest manufacturer in the state, “by a factor of two” said Musk. He also reiterated the Tesla Fremont plant is the biggest automotive factory in North America with the highest output, working 24/7.

engineering HQ elon musk

The Model Y and Model 3 were the number one and two bestselling cars in California in 2022.

Tesla has increased its employee headcount in California every year and has invested $5 billion in the state since 2016. “We’re doing almost $45 million per day of value creation in the California economy,” touted Musk.

Musk took some time to reflect Tesla was taking over Hewlett Packard’s original headquarters and they were “inheriting a legacy”. He said it’s “sort of poetic the transition from Hewlett Packard to Tesla,” and that they intend to “keep carrying that torch forward.”

“We’re going to build the future here. It’s going to be epic. Thank you!”, concluded Musk in his short kick off.

Watch the video replay below of the Tesla Engineering HQ event below:

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