2023 Tesla Cybertruck Update: Production This Summer, Will Have HW4

A studio shot of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla reported record Q4 2022 earnings today and the automaker also provided an update on its upcoming Cybertruck.

According to Tesla, it says “Cybertruck remains on track to begin production later this year at Gigafactory Texas. Our next generation vehicle platform is under development, with additional details to be shared at Investor Day (March 1st, 2023).”

“I can’t wait to drive it, personally. It will be the car that I drive everyday. I’m wearing the t-shirt with the smashed glass. It’s one of those products that only comes once in a while and it’s really special,” said Musk.

The start of production is usually very slow, says Musk. Volume production is more important and starts next year. Tesla said there’s tooling equipment already at Gigafactory Texas.

That falls in line with what Tesla said during its third quarter when it comes to Cybertruck.

On Tesla’s earnings call, Elon Musk said Cybertruck would have the newest hardware, HW4 (an upgrade over HW3). Musk said Cybertruck will not be a significant contributor to the bottom line in 2023, but will be in 2024 when volume production begins. Tesla said more beta Cybertrucks are coming in February.