Tesla Cybertruck Die Casting Molds Arrive at Giga Texas: Report

Cybertruck casting molds

Tesla appears to have received die casting molds for its upcoming Cybertruck, with parts arriving at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

That’s according to bill of lading discovered by Greg (@greggertruck), showing a container from ZDM (Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould Co. that arrived at Giga Texas on January 16, 2023. The bill notes a description of “die casting hts” and has keywords “die casting.”

“Moulds have arrived in Texas to Tesla!! Cybertruck casting molds! ZDM details their work on their moulding website and shows samples pertaining to injection moulding. See pics below for your enjoyment,” said Greg on Thursday.

ZDM is located in Zhejiang, China, while the importer is listed as Texas Texas Gigafactory, with the shipment delivery address noted as 13101 Harold Green Road, Dock E3, Austin, Texas, 78725.

The bill of lading falls in line with what Giga Texas drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer has been revealing. Yesterday, Tegtmeyer’s flyover of the site showed more 9000t Giga Press assembly (this is for Cybertruck), moving at a fast pace this week.

9000t giga press

Check out Tegtmeyer’s flyover of Giga Texas from Wednesday, below:

YouTube video

Tesla said it plans to produce and deliver its first Cybertruck by mid-2023 and will then scale up production thereafter.