First Tesla Model 3, Model Y Deliveries Begin in Thailand

Photo: Tslachan

After Tesla launched the sale of its flagship models in Thailand in December, the automaker has officially begun shipping its first vehicles to buyers.

Tesla started delivering its first Model 3 and Model Y units in Thailand on February 11, as spotted by @Tslachan on Sunday.

The post from Tslachan also shows photos of the first Model Y units set to begin delivering, including units in red, white and grey at a local distribution center. The photos appear to show a celebration event with employees and onlookers, complete with a banner that reads “Thank you for accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

The news comes just a few weeks after Tesla opened its first V3 Supercharger in Thailand, along with the preparation of the automaker’s first storefront, both located in Bangkok.

Following Tesla’s launch in Thailand, the company quickly garnered around 5,000 reservations for Model 3 and Model Y units in the country.

Reports of Tesla debuting its electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand began surfacing last May, after a filing showed that the company had registered a business in the country. Reports also included requests from Thailand’s government for Tesla to build an EV factory in the country.

Tesla also began ramping up hiring in Thailand as far back as September, ahead of the company’s official launch in December.