Tesla Ramps Up Hiring in Thailand, Suggesting Launch Soon

Tesla appears to be inching closer to launching in Thailand as the electric vehicle (EV) maker ramps up hiring efforts in the country — reports Reuters.

The company is hiring a business development manager, several recruiters, and more in Thailand, its website shows. Tesla has nearly 20 Bangkok-based jobs listed on its website, including positions for a home charging developer. Other vacancies were for vehicle technicians, customer service representatives, and a parts adviser.

In addition, the company also posted an opening for a charging infrastructure lead in Thailand on Monday.

According to a report from earlier this year, Tesla registered itself in Thailand back in April. Tesla’s intentions for Thailand lie solely in retail and it doesn’t look like the company plans to set up production in the country, at least for now.

The Thai market presents a compelling opportunity for Tesla right now, as EV demand in the country continues to climb amidst surging fuel prices and the introduction of government incentives for EV purchases. There is also speculation that Tesla might set up official showrooms in the country.

Thailand is one of Asia’s largest automotive markets, with an annual output of 1.5-2 million vehicles. It is a crucial manufacturing hub for companies like Toyota and Honda, and about half of its annual automotive output is exported.

The Thai government wants to produce 725,000 EVs per year in the country by 2030. As such, it could become a key market for Tesla in the future.

Tesla last week launched Model Y deliveries in Singapore. The company has plenty of options for additional production hubs in Asia, with Indonesian President Joko Widodo urging the company to make both cars and batteries in his country.