Tesla Reportedly Coming to Thailand, Shows Filing

Photo: @JoeTegtmeyer

As Tesla’s cars remain the dominant seller in the electric vehicle (EV) market, the automaker is still looking to expand into new countries.

Tesla reportedly plans to expand into Thailand after registering in the country on April 25, as detailed in a filing shared on Tuesday.

The filing is signed by Tesla’s Global Senior Director of Trade Market Access David Jon Feinstein, who the sharer says was the initial Director of Tesla India at the beginning of 2021, notes @ekapobkul on Twitter.

The sharer also requested that Tesla build a Gigafactory in Thailand, though it’s not yet clear what plans the automaker has now that it’s registered in the country.

While we have screenshots of the filing, the link to the actual document is not working at this time.

After months of back and forth regarding import taxes being lowered, Tesla recently nixed plans to expand into the nearby country of India.

Just months earlier, Elon Musk’s other company SpaceX was asked to halt all Starlink satellite internet efforts in India immediately.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai started adding a second shift to resume substantial production, also where Tesla buyers in many surrounding countries will receive their units from.