Tesla Launches Official Megapack Twitter Account

Tesla has made a Twitter account for its Megapack commercial battery packs, showing as @Tesla_Megapack, and in the bio it says “large-scale energy storage,” as first spotted by @SawyerMerritt (via @Tslachan).

At the time of writing, the account has yet to make any posts, has about 1,390 followers and only follows three other accounts: SpaceX, Elon Musk and Tesla.

The account will likely be used to announce new and currently active Tesla Megapack projects, which have been expanding significantly over the past few years.

In recent weeks, one Tesla Megapack project began construction in Perthshire, United Kingdom, alongside Europe’s largest distributed battery located in Pillswood, powered by a Megapack system.

Tesla announced last September that its Giga Nevada could build roughly 42 Megapacks per week, just weeks after the company announced a 50-percent increase to Megapack energy capacity.

The first Tesla Megapack to launch in New York City became operational in August, featuring a 3.08 Megawatts/12.32 Megawatt-hours capacity. The system also includes a built-in solar canopy and infrastructure for bi-directional charging.

In June, 158 Tesla Megapacks were shipped to Hawaii, set to help the state close its last coal power plant.

Tesla’s Megapack Twitter account will likely share these kinds of updates and general information about the systems, and you can throw the account a follow here. The account is legitimate as it is using Twitter’s new authentication checkmark badges for businesses, and showing that it’s part of Tesla.