Tesla Increases Megapack Energy Capacity by 50%, Size and Weight Grows

Tesla megapack increase

Tesla has increased the energy capacity of its commercial Megapack battery storage, now showing 3.9 MWh on its website.

As of one month ago, the ‘Order Megapack’ page was showing 2.6 MWH, but Tesla has quietly increased the energy capacity by 50%, as spotted by one Reddit user.

Beyond the energy capacity increase, the dimensions of a single Megapack have apparently increased as well. It’s now 27% longer by 6 feet and wider by two inches, and its height increases 17% by one foot. The weight also jumps by 64% to over 33,000 pounds.

Speculation is Tesla may be leveraging lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells in these new Megapacks, as seen in the company’s entry Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

LFP batteries are able to be charged to 100% and are cheaper to produce. They also do not have nickel or cobalt and are also seen as more stable and safer.

One Tesla Megapack is priced at $2,414,070 USD and can be ordered with a $5,000 USD non-refundable deposit.