2023.2.0.5 Tesla Update Undocumented Changes: Seat Heater Icons and More

Tesla’s first software update of this year, 2023.2.0.5, recently started rolling out, bringing new features to the heated steering wheel and Sentry Mode, plus more

But there are also some undocumented changes as with most software updates, according to tips sent to Not A Tesla App. One of them was the new ability to view the interior cabin camera preview, in Service menu settings.

For seat heater icons, the three grey waves now remain visible–even when the heating is off. Previously, these grey waves would not be visible at all when off. Here’s what the new seat heater icons look like, according to Christian Peter:

Another undocumented change is a new layout to the Suspension menu for the Model S and Model X refresh, as spotted by Luiz Carvalho. The Ride Height adjustment has been moved to the top of the menu for easier access, to the left of the vehicle image:

The news comes just a few weeks after Tesla cut the price of all of its models in markets around the world, and by as much as $21,000 in certain areas of the U.S., Canada, Europe and more.

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