Tesla Adds Interior Cabin ‘Camera Preview’ to Service Menu

Photo: Stian Walgermo

Tesla has added a “camera preview” feature to the vehicle’s service menu, as spotted this week by @Stian Walgermo. The feature came as an update to Tesla’s software in version 2023.2.0.5, most of the new features of which were simply minor fixes.

The feature shows a simple view from the camera, without having to use an app that would broadcast the video feed as well. This can be useful for double-checking your camera feed before entering into an app like Zoom, or simply to make sure the camera works. The latest Tesla vehicles include a cabin camera.

Features like smartphone-enabled one-tap live camera and cabin camera viewing came with a recent mobile app update, while the cabin cameras in 2022 Model Y units were also upgraded just a few months ago.

The role of the Tesla cabin camera also raised questions from a recent investigation into Autopilot by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The cameras have been criticized by publications like Consumer Reports for not properly monitoring driver behavior while Autopilot or Full Self-Driving (FSD) is engaged.

Driver monitoring debuted in the radar-less Model 3 in 2021, and has become a widely used feature ever since.