Tesla’s Giga Berlin Should Ramp Up Production, Says Local Minister


Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg needs to to ramp up production even more, according to Germany’s Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach in a statement on Thursday (via Reuters).

Steinbach said that Tesla’s Giga Berlin should speed up production specifically to help reduce wait times for buyers, stated at a public discussion hosted by one of Germany’s largest industrial unions.

“That has to grow up a bit more,” said Steinbach regarding Tesla’s overall production.

The statements were made during a podium discussion hosted by union IG Metall, the topic of which was centered around increasing industrial prospects in eastern parts of the country.

Wait times for Tesla’s entry Model Y in Germany have slipped, now showing at February-March according to its website, instead of January-March, prior to the automaker recently slashing vehicle prices globally for Model 3/Y and Model S/X.

The news comes about a month after the Grünheide auto factory reached 3,000 Model Y units produced in a week for the first time, though it’s still working to increase this number even more.

It also comes just a few days after IG Metall publicly stated concerns about employee working conditions at Giga Texas, saying that workers were complaining about long working hours, little free time and lower pay than at similar auto factories.

Still, Tesla was recruiting between 200 and 300 employees per week while other companies had trouble hiring at all. Giga Berlin now has about 9,000 active workers.

The statements also take place after price cuts hit Tesla’s Model 3 and Y units in Europe and most other markets worldwide, causing increases in estimated delivery wait times to February through March, from prior estimates beginning in January.