Tesla Faces Union Concerns in Germany Over Working Hours at Giga Berlin

Tesla is facing scrutiny from the German union IG Metall and local officials over worker claims of unfair working hours and a fear of speaking out at the company’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, according to a report from Reuters.

At its yearly news conference, IG Metall said that there was a growing number of employees reporting longer working hours and little free time, with some individuals requesting an inquiry into the matters.

Workers have also reported a fear of discussing working conditions at the Grünheide plant due to non-disclosure agreements that were signed alongside work contracts.

The concerns were further exacerbated after Tesla announced hiring for a Security Intelligence Investigator, which the company says will partner with its legal team and human resources department for the “collection of on-the-ground information both within and beyond Tesla walls in order to protect the company from threats.”

“Workers started at Tesla with great enthusiasm for the project. Over time we are observing that this enthusiasm is withering,” IG Metall’s Irene Schulz said. “Tesla is not doing enough to improve working conditions and is leaving too little time for leisure, family and recovery.”

Last June, IG Metall stated that Tesla would need to increase wages at its Giga Berlin to attract more workers, adding that auto workers at other companies would receive “considerably more” than those at Tesla.

Check out a recent flyover from Giga Berlin by the_wolfpack_berlin, showing off some new art outside the factory that’s from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

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