Tesla is the Cheapest Luxury Car Brand to Maintain, Says Study

A new study suggests that Tesla’s vehicles are cheaper to maintain over time than other luxury brands, with the Model S landing the top spot overall.

Tesla is the cheapest luxury car brand to maintain, costing an average of 7.09 percent of their original value over a decade’s worth of maintenance, according to a new study conducted by The Clunker Junker.

The placement comes down to Tesla’s average long-term reliability, with the Model S landing the spot of the most affordable luxury vehicle as far as maintenance goes — costing just 4.58 percent of its value over a decade, according to the company in an email received Thursday by Tesla North.

The Model X and Model 3 landed the second and fourth cheapest to maintain, with averages of 5.09 percent and 6.01 percent of the car’s original value spent in ten years, respectively.

The data looked at 185 of the most commonly purchased standard and luxury vehicles in the U.S. from CarEdge, creating an average percentage of the original value that buyers tended to spend on maintenance over a 10-year period.

Other luxury brands making up the top ten included Lexus (12.28 percent), Porsche (17.27 percent), Mercedes-Benz (18.60 percent), Lincoln (19.16 percent), Cadillac (19.36 percent), Audi (19.45 percent), Infiniti (19.66 percent), Acura (21.13 percent) and Land Rover (22.50 percent).

The news comes just a few days after Tesla became the top U.S. luxury automotive seller, also becoming the first U.S. company to do so in almost 25 years.

Tesla’s Model Y also led luxury SUV sales in China in both December and throughout 2022, outpacing automakers Audi and Mercedes, among others.