Tesla’s Model Y Led Luxury SUV Sales in China for December and 2022, Topping Audi, Mercedes

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla sold 29,387 Model Y units and 12,539 Model 3 units in China during December, according to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) shared by @Moneyball_R, and put into a chart by @Roland Pircher.

The data shows Tesla’s two flagship vehicles roughly equaling nearly 122,000 units total, made up of about 80 percent Model Y units and 20 percent Model 3 units.

Additionally, the company’s sales during the quarter were only a small bump from its nearly 121,000 in Q3 and just about 116,000 during Q4 2021.

One user in the thread noted that the figure represented “virtually non-growth” from Tesla’s fourth quarter of 2021, though Pircher pointed out that the automaker has done well in Europe and is not comparable to other brands which “have seen quarter after quarter of losses in recent years.”

For the RMB price range of 200K to 300K for New Energy Vehicle retail sales, the Tesla Model Y led the way with its 29,387 sales, with the hybrid BYD Tang DM in second place at 16,843.

For the RMB price range of over 300K for SUV December retail sales, the Tesla Model Y led with its 29,387 sales, with the gasoline based Audi Q5 in second at 11,854. The Model Y saw a 27.4% decline year-over-year. But for the whole year 2022 in this category, the Model Y led with 315,314 sales, an increase of 85.6% year-over-year, and the gasoline based Mercedes GLC was second with 148,797.

For China SUV sales in 2022, the top seller was the BYD Song that consists of both hybrid and electric versions at 478,811, seeing an increase of 137.4% year-over-year. The Tesla Model Y was in second with its 315,314 sales, up 85.6% year-over-year.

The news comes just a couple of days after Tesla increased delivery wait times for Model Y units coming from its Gigafactory Shanghai on Long Range and RWD models to about 2-5 weeks — up from 1-4 weeks.

It also comes amidst skeptical parties and concerned Tesla investors expressing worries around demand in China, with many saying the company’s demand has been cooling in recent months.

Still, Tesla’s vehicles remain the most prominent electric vehicles (EVs) on the road globally, and the automaker also cut the price of the entry-level Model 3 and Y units in China last week.

Yesterday Tesla announced the Model Y also led EV sales for 2022 in 10 markets in Europe.