Tesla Model Y Delivery Times Have Increased in China After Price Cuts

Photo: Tesla (via TslaChan)

Tesla has increased its delivery wait times for certain models in China, including both the rear-wheel-drive and long-range variants of the Model Y, as spotted on Monday by @TslaChan.

Both Tesla’s LR and RWD Model Y units now have wait times of about 2-5 weeks, though both previously showed wait times of just 1-4 weeks.

TslaChan also shared a short infographic chart about price changes dating back as far as September, just after Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory had completed significant production upgrades.

Prior to August, Model Y RWD orders were estimated to take 10-14 weeks, while LR variants were estimated to take 16-20 weeks for delivery.

Now, the estimate for Tesla’s RWD and LR Model Y units are the company’s longest wait times, as both Model 3 trims and the Model Y Performance are currently estimated to take 1-4 weeks.

The increased delivery times come after Tesla drastically cut prices last week in China yet again, along with other markets in Asia, in what appears to be effort to boost demand. The company also announced its Model S and Model X pricing in China.

A drone flyover of the Shanghai port from a few days ago shows Tesla’s vehicles overflowing many of the outbound parking lots, with several exports expected to take place in the first quarter of the year.