Tesla Lowers Pricing at Some Superchargers in Germany

Photo: Tesla_Adri

After another Supercharger price change was predicted to take place in some places in Europe on Monday, an update shows that Tesla has actually dropped costs after a series of price jumps over the past few weeks.

Tesla’s prices have dropped at some Superchargers in Germany, as shown in a screenshot from @Tesla_Adri on Monday.

As shown in screenshots from Tesla Adri’s mobile app, Tesla dropped Supercharging rates at a Hilden, Germany location by as much as €0.16 ($0.17 USD) per kWh during off-peak hours and €0.18 per kWh during peak charging hours ($0.19 USD).

Now, EV drivers can charge at the Hilden Supercharger for €0.47/kWh ($0.50/kWh) during off-peak hours and €0.52/kWh during peak charging.

Other users shared nearby rates with the old pricing showing up in their Teslas, to which Tesla Adri recommended performing a reset.

Tesla has been increasing Supercharger pricing in Europe over the past several months, so users in the thread seem to consider the recent move with a warm welcome.

It’s not yet clear if other parts of Europe have also gained price cuts at Superchargers, though past pricing changes were typically offered across many countries.

Tesla launched sales of the Model S and X Long Range variants in Europe last week.