Tesla Denies Production Cut Rumors in China; Giga Shanghai Delivers 100,000+ Cars in November

1 million cars Giga Shanghai

A new set of reports claiming Tesla would be cutting production in December at Gigafactory Shanghai appear to be false, according to statements from the automaker made on Monday.

Tesla denied reports that claimed its Gigafactory Shanghai was cutting December Model Y output by as much as 20 percent from last month, as detailed in an update from Reuters.

The original report was reported by Bloomberg and was later shared by Reuters, with both reports noting the production shift as a sign of sluggish demand.

Tesla went on to say the rumors were “untrue,” after the reports said that the changes would take effect as soon as this week.

Interestingly, the Bloomberg report also noted a local news publication in Shanghai that said the report was “false information,” after a Tesla representative had initially declined to comment.

Separately, Tesla’s Giga Shanghai factory delivered over 100,000 cars for the first time in November, consisting of both domestic and export sales, a new record.

The news comes just days after Tesla cut Model 3 and Model Y delivery times in China, with the online order configurator now displaying December 2022 as the estimated delivery wait for all trims.

It also comes as some have noted dwindling demand for Tesla’s vehicles in China, pointing at reduced Model 3 and Y prices and other incentive programs as attempts to boost sales in the country.

In November, Tesla delivered 55,621 vehicles in China as of the month’s final week, doubling figures from the same month last year.