Tesla Confirms Cybertruck Body Steel is from Steel Dynamics

Photo: Sawyer Merritt

Tesla’s Cybertruck uses steel made by Steel Dynamics, according to a plaque at the Petersen Automotive Museum display for SpaceX, spotted by @Teslaadvisor (via @Sawyer Merritt).

The news comes after Steel Dynamics denied involvement with the Tesla Cybertruck in January, saying that the company was currently not an “approved supplier” of stainless steel, though it would aspire to become one.

“SpaceX used modified Tesla battery packs and motors in its early Starship prototypes, and both the Starship exterior and the Cybertruck body utilize steel produced by Steel Dynamics Inc.,” says the plaque.

Steel Dynamics created a factory in Sinton, Texas, not far from Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory location, though the company has yet to confirm or deny that the Cybertruck is made from the steel it produces.

Tesla announced hiring for various positions related to Cybertruck production on its careers website in recent weeks, primarily aiming to woo engineers and engineering management personnel.

Mass production for the Cybertruck could begin sooner than previously expected, with current estimates holding that the company will begin producing the electric truck in June of next year, targeting volume production by the end of 2023.

Although the Cybertruck is currently in the tooling stage, Italian casting machine manufacturer IDRA recently shared a picture of the 9,000-pound Giga Press that will build the truck in packaging and ready to be shipped.