Steel Dynamics Denies Involvement with Tesla’s Cybertruck

SDI, or Steel Dynamics, has denied recent rumors that it is approved to supply steel for Tesla’s Cybertruck, according to Bloomberg.

It also comes as the Indiana-based company currently works on a steel plant in Sinton, Texas, not far from Tesla’s Gigafactory – and likely a piece of why the rumors have become so widespread.

SDI Senior Vice President Barry Schneider emphasized that Tesla was not on the company’s repertoire for companies and projects it’s approved to supply.

In an email to Bloomberg’s Dana Hull last month, Schneider said, “I can absolutely confirm we are NOT currently an approved supplier to that facility or that platform. We will aspire to work towards becoming an approved supplier to Tesla for the products that we are capable of producing.”

Bloomberg points out Teslarati ran with the story again, and again SDI’s Schneider told Hull this past weekend the rumors are not true. “Stainless steel is not something we have ever discussed being equipped to produce,” said Schneider.

With the Tesla Cybertruck set to be produced at Gigafactory Texas, potentially in the coming months, the company will still need to source what Musk has called a “nearly impenetrable” stainless steel exoskeleton.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk also squashed a rumor about his travel plans, noting those sharing his itinerary has become a security concern.