IKEA Partners with Tesla for Superchargers in Renton, Washington

Image: @MarcoRPTesla on Twitter

According to permit filings discovered by Canadian Supercharger aficionado Marco (@MarcoRPTesla), a 16-stall Tesla Supercharger is coming to an IKEA outlet in Renton, Washington, near Seattle.

It looks like the multinational furniture giant has partnered with Tesla to bring a Supercharger to another one of its U.S. locations. The Renton outlet will be the third known IKEA location in the U.S. to host a Supercharger.

There is another 16-stall Supercharger currently under construction at an IKEA store at 10280 NE Cascades Parkway in Portland, Oregon, and plans for a second one somewhere in East Palo Alto were recently leaked.

It’s too early to peg a timeline to the planned Renton Supercharger, although the relevant permits have been filed. There’s also no word yet on whether IKEA and Tesla plan to partner on any more new Superchargers, although that wouldn’t come as a surprise.

Tesla is quickly and constantly growing its global network of Superchargers. On average, the all-electric automaker has been opening well over 20 new locations every week for several weeks now.

What’s more, Tesla is committed to serving more than just its own cars at Superchargers. The company is gradually opening its Supercharging network up to non-Tesla vehicles — Superchargers in Italy opened up to other electric vehicles just this week.

Tesla has also gone the extra mile by recently open-sourcing its charging connector design and inviting charging networks and other automakers to use it.