One of the First Tesla Superchargers at IKEA in North America to Land in Portland

Ikea superchargers portland tesla

Tesla is set to install 16 V3 Superchargers at the IKEA store in Portland, Oregon, located at 10280 NE Cascades Parkway, according to the site permit obtained by Tesla North.

The project will see 16 of the latest V3 Superchargers installed at the IKEA store, along with associated AC and DC equipment, concrete equipment pads and walkways, plus new parking striping and signage, in the north parking lot of the site.

Site plans also show the Tesla Superchargers will be adjacent to an Electrify America charging station, set to occupy six stalls.

tesla superchargers portland ikea store.jpg

This may be Tesla’s first set of Superchargers to land at an IKEA store in North America. While some IKEA locations have had level 2 EV chargers on site, to our knowledge, these are the first Superchargers at an IKEA store in North America.

Tesla has set up Superchargers at IKEA locations in other areas, such as one set at the Belgrade AVA shopping centre in Serbia.

Currently, there are two unnamed Tesla Superchargers pegged for Portland, according to the electric automaker’s website. One is set for Portland and another is set for the northeast section of the city, which appears to be this location coming to IKEA, in the north of the Parkrose neighbourhood.