How Tesla Shareholders Can Attend the Semi Delivery Event

Tesla Semi

Tesla’s Investor Relations Head @Martin Viecha said the automaker’s retail shareholders can attend the Semi delivery event by first confirming they have verified shareholder status on the investor relations site.

Once verified, Tesla shareholders will be entered into a random draw in which one share is equal to one entry. If shareholders can’t verify on the investor relations site, Viecha also adds that manual submissions will be accepted, so long as the investor’s paperwork is all correct.

A number of users in the thread noted that their accounts have been showing the message “Your verification submission has been received,” but without any confirmation that they have been granted verified shareholder status.

The post came as a retweet of a previous Tesla tweet saying the company is launching its Tesla Shareholder Platform, which users can join via a link to the account preferences shared in the post.

Deliveries of the Tesla Semi are set to take place on December 1 with the first order going to PepsiCo. The Semi has been in early production throughout this month, even receiving certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last month to confirm the plans.

Tesla says it plans to make around 50,000 of the electric Semi in 2024 for North American markets.