Tesla Plans to Make 50,000 Semi Trucks in 2024 for North America

tesla semi hero

On Tesla’s Q3 2022 earnings call, the automaker reiterated it is ramping up production of its Semi, an electric Class A truck that will have 500 miles of range with cargo on level ground, with the new vehicle already in early production.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, it takes “about a year” to ramp up production, and he says the company is aiming to produce 50,000 Semi trucks in 2024, in North America. He also added “obviously” the company would expand its Semi trucks beyond North America.

As for pricing, Musk said “these would sell for more than a passenger vehicle,” noting a Semi would be worth the price of “several Model Ys.”

Tesla’s first Semi deliveries will take place on December 1 of this year for customer, PepsiCo. Musk confirmed he would “be there in person” for the first deliveries of Semi to PepsiCo.

The Semi and its three independent motors can go 0-60 mph in 20 seconds with a full load, and its per-mile Energy Consumption is pegged at under 2kWh. Tesla’s Semi Chargers will be able to recharge up to 70% of range in 30 minutes.