Tesla Expands Giga Nevada for Semi Production: Report

giga nevada tesla semi

Tesla has officially started a significant expansion of its Giga Nevada facility, focusing on the production of its all-electric Semi truck. This development, reportedly announced on January 17, 2024, marks a historic moment for the company, according to Zanegler (@HinrichsZane).

The expansion, a subject of speculation until recently, is now visibly underway. Drone footage shared on social media by Hinrichs, reveals substantial progress in the transformation of the facility. The southern warehouse on wheels, previously housing the Tesla Semi, is being redeveloped since mid-December.

Adjacent to Panasonic’s section of the facility, another warehouse on wheels is under construction, indicating a strategic partnership in this expansion. The original warehouse on wheels, now vacated, is undergoing major earthwork to transform into a standalone building dedicated exclusively to the high-volume production of Tesla Semis.

Tesla’s plans were officially confirmed through documents filed with the Storey County Building Department says Hinrichs, coupled with the recent groundbreaking ceremony. This expansion is a significant step for Tesla, as it aims to increase the number of Tesla Semis on the roads, potentially making a substantial impact in the electric vehicle sector.

Tesla supporters and shareholders have expressed excitement over this development, anticipating its positive effects on the company’s position in the electric vehicle market. Hinrichs, through his social media updates, has been actively documenting the progress, despite facing challenges with overzealous Tesla security.

“The area with all the heavy equipment working, at the end of the video, is where a separate building will be constructed,” said Hinrichs.

Check out the video below:

YouTube video

Back in December 2022, Tesla delivered its Semi truck at Giga Nevada to its first customer, PepsiCo, to be used by Frito-Lay, as recently seen in a preview of its Modesto facility.