Tesla Semi Gets EPA Certification to Start First Deliveries

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified Tesla’s long-anticipated electric Semi, seemingly confirming the automaker’s preparation for first deliveries.

The Tesla Semi has been granted a Certificate of Conformity from the EPA, meaning it’s officially allowed to enter the market, according to a report from Teslarati.

The news comes ahead of its first expected deliveries, set to start on December 1 with an order of the electric Semis going to PepsiCo.

It also comes after Tesla announced it would be delivered in both 2020 and 2021, though its eventual delay has led some to be skeptical of the upcoming round of deliveries. However, Tesla didn’t gain certification from the EPA in either of those years, hinting that this time around is more likely to be the real deal.

The 500-mile-range Tesla Semi was also added to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) VIN decoder document, hinting that the company was likely on track for its December 1 delivery target.

Tesla announced the beginning of production for the Semi a few weeks ago, and PepsiCo confirmed the order start date shortly thereafter.

The Semi also got updated press photos on Tesla’s website in August, hinting that the automaker could be shifting toward production and deliveries soon.