Tesla Semi VIN Decoder Updated, Suggesting Deliveries Soon

tesla semi hero 2022

As Tesla prepares for its first deliveries of the electric Semi, new listings in one U.S. regulator’s VIN catalog substantiate expectations that the deliveries are coming soon — and likely by the end of the year.

Tesla added the Semi to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) VIN decoder document, hinting that claims of its first deliveries coming soon are correct, as spotted by Teslarati.

The document shows that the Semi’s VIN will have 17 digits, with the first three always including “7G2.”

Other notes from the document include that the company could be working on a sleeper cabin version of the Semi, as the fifth digit in the VIN says it refers to the vehicle’s “Type B = Day Cab” status.

The 11th digit also details the fact that the Semi is currently being built at Gigafactory Nevada, though the company could someday elect to start building the vehicle at Giga Texas.

The news comes ahead of Tesla’s first Semi deliveries to PepsiCo, set for December 1, as announced by the food and beverage company earlier this month.

Tesla also updated the Semi’s press photos on its website just a couple of months ago, suggesting that first deliveries were likely being prepared.