PepsiCo Confirms Tesla Semi Delivery Date of December 1

Photo: Tesla  

The Tesla Semi has been the subject of much anticipation since its announcement years ago (November 2017), and with production and deliveries set to start according to Elon Musk yesterday, the company’s first customer has commented on the matter.

PepsiCo has confirmed the delivery of the first Tesla Semi units are set to arrive on December 1, 2022, and will support the company’s Frito-Lay factory in Modest, California and the PepsiCo beverage plant in Sacramento.

The announcement comes just a day after Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared the date for the PepsiCo order. Tesla has been making Semi prototypes at Giga Nevada, but mass production is expected at Gigafactory Texas.

A few months ago, Tesla updated its Semi website with new press photos, suggesting that the electric semi truck would be entering production soon.

Additionally, Tesla closed reservations for the Semi while sharing more details on the hauling vehicle — such as how it will have three independent motors and recover roughly 70 percent of range in 30 minutes at the company’s Semi Megacharger.

PepsiCo originally announced the purchase of a Tesla Semi fleet in 2021, and the order has since been delayed from initial estimates holding that it could be delivered by Q4 2021.