Tesla Superchargers in Mexico Shifting to Pay-Per-Use

Image via: @japonton

Tesla plans to end free Supercharging in Mexico beginning on November 14, according to an email sent out to customers and shared by Jose Antonio Ponto (@japonton) and other owners.

The change will oversee Tesla’s Superchargers in Mexico changing to pay-per-use pricing and the automaker recommends drivers update their payment information ahead of the charging shift.

“Starting November 14, 2022, all Supercharger stations in Mexico will transition to pay-per-use charging,” says the Tesla email. “This means that users will have to pay a fee per kWh of energy used to charge their vehicle and fees for inactivity as incurred. You can find out the recharging rates of the different places before arriving at the site by selecting the Supercharger map pin on the touch screen of your vehicle.”

The change won’t apply to buyers of the Model S and X who have earned unlimited free Supercharging, though they will continue being subject to inactivity fees.

Musk confirmed that more Superchargers would be headed to Mexico in February of this year, and at least a handful of new Superchargers have been established in the country since.

Tesla also opened an exclusive lane at the Texas-Mexico border to accelerate supplier deliveries coming into the U.S. from the country.