More Tesla Superchargers are Coming to Mexico, Confirms Elon Musk

Photo: Tesla Owners Mexico

As Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger presence around the world, the automaker’s head has confirmed that new Superchargers will be headed to Mexico in the future.

@Tesla Owners Mexico asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday if there could be more Superchargers installed in Mexico using a photo of Tesla’s active Supercharger stations across North America — to which @Musk responded with the 100 percent emoji.

The photo showed red dots for Tesla’s Superchargers, with the Tesla Owners account asking if there was “Any chance we can get more red dots here?”

A number of the dots on the posted map include upcoming Supercharger locations, many of which are set to be built during 2022.

The gray dots on the map also represent charging stations that include Tesla connectors, though they are not actual Tesla Superchargers.

Tesla Model Y deliveries rolled out in Mexico as early as 2020, on the tail end of the electric SUV’s delivery round across North America.

A number of Superchargers are also set to be installed throughout California in 2022 and more throughout the globe, as part of a recent Supercharger map update released by Tesla.