Tesla Model S/X Plaid Roll into China International Import Expo [PICS]

Photo: Yan Chang

Tesla’s booth is officially set up at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) as spotted in photos taken by @Yan Chang shared on Tuesday.

Photo: Yan Chang

The photos include multiple angles of a red Model S Plaid and a white Model X Plaid, both of which can be seen in front of Tesla’s area of the conference.

Photo: Yan Chang

You can also see a video of the Model S Plaid rolling into the exhibition hall, below:

Tesla’s Optimus Robot is also set to appear at the import event, though it’s nowhere to be seen in the photos or at the booth.

The news comes as Tesla prepares to unveil the Model S Plaid in China on Saturday, following much anticipation for the electric sedan.

Last year, CEO Elon Musk predicted the Model S Plaid would be hitting Chinese markets around March, though the automaker has been faced with an economic downturn and COVID-19 surges affecting everything from suppliers to the company’s own factory.

Nonetheless, those with reservations for the Model S or X have already started receiving notifications on the Tesla app and can expect deliveries to start going out in the coming weeks.

Additionally, a Tesla Model S Plaid was seen unloading from a car hauling truck, without the ultrasonic sensors that older Tesla builds have included.