Tesla Updates Model Y in China with Longer Back Seats, Emergency Rear Door Release [PICS]

model y china rear seats

Image shared by Chris Zheng

Tesla continues to introduce new features for its Model Y, starting for those in China.

According to news shared by Chris Zheng (@ChrisZheng001), Tesla told customers they were very excited to introduce two new product updates for the Chinese market, based on feedback. We can see in the pictures there’s a longer back seat. Zheng frequently shares Tesla news from China.

The Model Y back seats are now extended by 30mm (1.18 inches) for all models of the compact crossover SUV, to improve leg support and reduce passenger fatigue and bring a more comfortable ride.

Also new is an emergency rear door release for the rear doors. Traditionally, the emergency release is underneath the rear door pocket, but now it appears to have gained an easier release for emergency situations.

We have yet to see an image of the implementation of the emergency rear door release for the Model Y. For the front doors, the emergency release is a pull handle, and hopefully, it’s the same for the rear doors.

Tesla says these new features will begin in mid-October 2022 at Giga Shanghai, according to an image shared by Zheng.

In the past, Tesla has launched new vehicle features first in China, before expanding them to worldwide markets. This includes the trunk cargo cover for the Model Y, trunk hooks, HEPA filter for Bioweapon Defense Mode, AMD chips, rear laminated glass, wood trims for front doors and more.

Update: Tesla has updated its Model Y user manual to mention the following: “For cars manufactured at the Fremont factory starting approximately early August 2022, or at Gigafactory Shanghai starting approximately mid September [2022], you can open a rear door manually in the unlikely situation in which Model Y has no power.”

The instructions are as follows from Tesla:

  1. Remove the mat from the bottom of the rear door pocket.
  2. Press the red tab to remove the access door.
  3. Pull the mechanical release cable forward.

“Manual door releases are designed to be used only in situations when Model Y has no power. When Model Y has power, use the button located at the top of the interior door handle,” says the automaker.

tesla rear door latch

Tesla North has obtained pictures of this rear door latch, shared on Chinese social media by ‘🐟xiaoyu’. Essentially you’re lifting up a door pocket flap, lifting up another latch area, to then reveal a pull ring:

tesla rear door latch china

Here is a video of the new emergency release…note that the door pocket top cover has changed, and the red latch below is just to remove the cover to reach the pull ring:

YouTube video