Tesla Model Y in China Now Includes Trunk Cargo Cover [VIDEO]

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Tesla has added a new feature to the Model Y, but only for vehicles made at Gigafactory Shanghai in China.

The Model Y now comes with a factory cargo cover, as shown in a video shared by @EVOffer_HK.

The Model Y “delivered in Hong Kong starting from yesterday comes with the cargo cover. It cannot be lifted but instead you can push it forward and make it a Z shape. There is a magnetic mechanism which holds the cover in place,” explained @EVOffer_HK.

Earlier in the week, @EVOffer_HK shared a picture detailing the sides of the made-in-China Model Y trunk, saying a cargo cover was now included. It was unclear at the time what the cargo cover would entail, but the new video shared details the OEM cargo cover for Model Y.

Model y cargo cover

Apparently delivered Model Y vehicles will be eligible for a free retrofit, but that remains to be seen.

At this time, it’s unclear if the factory cargo cover will be included in Model Y vehicles made in the USA, but given how new features from Giga Shanghai have trickled down the supply chain, it’s likely it may eventually make its way to the United States.

When the Model Y debuted in China back on January 1, 2021, it included a heated steering wheel and HEPA filter for Bioweapon Defense Mode, plus a new centre console.

These features were unavailable for the Model Y in the U.S. at the time, but eventually, Tesla added them to the compact crossover SUV later in the year.

Even without a cargo cover, the factory tint on the Model Y is dark enough to hide what’s in the trunk, but definitely not as good as a cargo cover.