Tesla Extends Delivery Wait Times for Most Models in China to 4-8 Weeks

Tesla has increased delivery wait times for all models except the entry-level Model Y in China to 4-8 weeks — reports CnEVPost.

The move is in stark contrast with delivery timeline changes made by Tesla in recent weeks, which cut wait times down significantly. For some models, Tesla managed to bring delivery times down to just 1-4 weeks.

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai currently produces two Model 3 trims and three variants of the Model Y. As of October 1, Tesla’s Chinese vehicle configurator is offering estimated delivery windows of 4-8 weeks for the entry-level Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive, Model 3 Performance, Model Y Long Range, and Model Y Performance.

The Model 3 Performance, Model Y Long Range, and Model Y Performance, previously all showed estimated wait times of 1-10 weeks, while the entry-level Model 3 was pegged for 1-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, delivery estimates for the entry-level Model Y Real-Wheel Drive remain unchanged at 1-4 weeks.

Tesla did not change pricing or other specifications for any of the vehicles. A report from earlier this week indicated Tesla was planning to slash prices in China by up to 40,000 yuan ($5,610 USD), but the company later said the rumours were false.

Here’s what the Chinese order pages for Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) currently look like, courtesy of CnEVPost:

Tesla Model 3 Power Trunk Retrofit ...
Tesla Model 3 Power Trunk Retrofit in China

Image: CnEVPost

Tesla’s increased wait times might have something to do with recently-announced government incentives for EV purchases. China has extended tax exemptions for EVs to 2023, while Tesla has extended subsidies for customers who opt for insurance through the end of the year.

According to an announcement from Tesla China, customers who purchase a Model 3 or a Model Y and take delivery between October 1 and December 31 will qualify for an RMB 7,000 subsidy on vehicle insurance from Tesla’s partner insurance agencies.