Tesla Apple CarPlay Hack Now Easier to Set Up, Based Only on Android [VIDEO]

Photo: Mike Gapinski

Tesla app version 2022.38.1 just went live for Android, and it includes a few updates set to make set up easier for Apple CarPlay.

A new video shows that the newest Tesla app update for Android, version 2022.38.1, includes Apple CarPlay on-board, requiring significantly less hardware to run, according to an update shared with Tesla North by developer Mike Gapinski.

The prior renderings of CarPlay also had content overlapping in audio apps, but the shift to an Android-based stack fixes the app’s resolution on the touchscreen. CarPlay also lets navigation sounds work when the Tesla browser is active.

As Gapinski points out, the update now runs CarPlay as a single-board stack, rather than having to run as a workaround from a third-party developer.

Many Tesla drivers utilized a CarPlay hack using Android 12 which required the use of Raspberry Pi units, though the new update is hosted on Android itself and no longer requires the use of external hardware to run.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also pointed out that Apple Music could be streamed using regular Bluetooth. However, CarPlay’s roll-out for other brands like Polestar also had some Tesla owners wanting the feature for themselves.

Apple CarPlay is also supported by other apps such as A Better Route Planner and Electrify America.