Polestar Rolling Out Apple CarPlay in OTA Software Update

Image: Apple

After Polestar confirmed Apple’s next-generation CarPlay support was coming to its cars, the company is officially rolling out the update including the long-awaited feature.

Polestar announced that its recent over-the-air update for the Polestar 2 will include Apple’s newly updated CarPlay feature, as announced on Wednesday morning.

The CarPlay update includes Siri and the infotainment system to control their iPhone apps, and it offers an Apple interface to the touchscreen and dashboard — a useful feature for those who exclusively use Apple products.

Polestar said development for Apple CarPlay was in its “final development stages” at the end of last month.

Apple also announced the major CarPlay update coming to EVs earlier this month at its event at the Worldwide Developer Conference.

While you can’t get CarPlay for Tesla’s vehicles, one developer is still working on an Apple CarPlay hack for Teslas that’s currently in its second alpha build.

Charging network Electrify America’s app announced support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto last year.

A designer and fan created a concept image of a Tesla Model S interior featuring Apple CarPlay and V11 software last June, showing just how long some vehicle owners have been waiting to gain the feature.